Available talks
Fractional Brownian motion and polymers: Learning from each other
Self-Repelling Fractional Brownian Motion – The case of higher order self-intersections
Fractional Brownian modeled linear polymer chains with one dimensional Metropolis Monte Carlo simulation
Probing the mechanics of molecules and cells with optical tweezers
On the diffusion of alpha-helical proteins in solvents
Fluctuation theorems in soft matter systems
Space fractional Schrödinger equation for a quadrupolar triple Dirac δ-potential
Lévy path integral approach to the fractional Schrödinger equation with δ-perturbed infinite square well
Robust Method for Trapping Self-Propelling Particles
Tutorial Lectures: Fractional Brownian motion in a (coco)nutshell
Some fractional and multifractional processes and their possible applications
Fractional dynamics of carrier transport in disordered organic semiconductors
Path summation with memory
Topics in fractional path integrals
4D photostimulation: Stimulating neurons in space and time
Non-ergodicity and ageing in anomalous diffusion processes
Beyond fBm: Grey Brownian motion (gBm)
Adapted representations in fractional and mixed models with applications
Modeling Urban Dynamics: A Complex Systems Approach
Industry  dynamics     and  cri.cal  transi.ons
Measuring efficiency of international crude oil markets: a multifractality approach