Keynote speakers
  1. Evgeny Panov, (Novgorod State University), On almost periodic viscosity solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations
  2. Andre Sonnet, University of Strathclyde, title to be announced
  3. TBA

  1. J.P. Chehab and Y. Mammeri (University of Picardie), Multi scale modeling of Lithium batteries,
  2. Michael Grinfeld, (University of Strathclyde Glasgow), Submonolayer deposition models with limited fragmentation:
  3. TBA
  4. TBA

Mini symposia: Regularization of hyperbolic conservation laws
  • N. Bedjaoui  (University of Picardie), TBA
  • J. Correia (University of Évora), TBA
  • Y. Mammeri (University of Picardie), The BBM equation with stochastic dispersion

Mini symposia: Biomath
  • Carlos Braumann (University of Évora), Fishing in randomly varying environments: general sustainable fishing policies and profit optimization
  • Nuno Brites (University of Évora), Fishing in randomly varying environments: profit comparison between constant and variable effort harvesting policies
  • Anne-Sophie Giacobbi (University of Picardie), Modeling the ERK pathway in heptatocellular carcinoma cells exposed to sorafenib
  • Mohammed Guedda (University of Picardie), Dynamics of spherical magnetotactic bacterium swimmer
  • Marília Pires (University of Évora), TBA?
  • Imme van den Berg, (University of Évora), Canard solutions of slow-fast systems with unpredictable jump directions

Mini symposia: Batteries
  • Jean-Paul Chehab (University of Picardie), TBA
  • Clara Kosseifi (University of Picardie), A Stabilized bi-grid method for Allen Cahn equation in Finite Elements

Mini symposia: Coagulation-Fragmentation
  • Michael Grinfeld, (University of Strathclyde) Title: Submonolayer deposition models with limited fragmentation
  • Fernando P. da Costa (Universidade Aberta) Title: Sub-monolayer deposition models: similarity profiles and convergence rates