Keynote speakers
  1. Wolfgang Bock, (University of Kaiserslautern), Title: Interacting Particle systems and applications to biological models
  2. Evgeny Panov, (Novgorod State University), Title: On almost periodic viscosity solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations
  3. Andre Sonnet, (University of Strathclyde), Title: Charting Ordered Surfaces: Flattening Nematic Shells

  1. Nabil Bedjaoui (University of Picardie) and Joaquim Correia (University of Évora), Title: Some examples of hyperbolic conservation laws
  2. Jean-Paul Chehab and Title: Continuum Modeling: Numerical schemes for linear \& nonlinear reaction/diffusion systems, Phase fields Models. Application to Batteries and image processing: Part 1: Mathematical Setting, Part 2: Numerical methods and Youcef Mammeri (University of Picardie), Title: Multi scale modeling of Lithium batteries

Mini Symposia

1. Regularization of hyperbolic conservation laws
  • Nabil Bedjaoui  (University of Picardie), Title: Non-classical shocks generated by travelling waves
  • Joaquim Correia (University of Évora), Title: Dissipative KdV type equations
  • Youcef Mammeri (University of Picardie), Title: The BBM equation with stochastic dispersion

2. Biomath
  • Carlos Braumann (University of Évora), Title: Fishing in randomly varying environments: general sustainable fishing policies and profit optimization
  • Nuno Brites (University of Évora), Title: Fishing in randomly varying environments: profit comparison between constant and variable effort harvesting policies
  • Anne-Sophie Giacobbi (University of Picardie), Title: Modeling the ERK pathway in heptatocellular carcinoma cells exposed to sorafenib
  • Mohammed Guedda (University of Picardie), Title: Dynamics of spherical magnetotactic bacterium swimmer

3. Batteries
  • Jean-Paul Chehab (University of Picardie), Title: Boundary control of the number of interfaces for the one-dimensional Allen-Cahn equation
  • Clara Kosseifi (University of Picardie), Title: A Stabilized bi-grid method for Allen Cahn equation in Finite Elements

4. Coagulation-Fragmentation
  • Fernando P. da Costa (Universidade Aberta), Title: Sub-monolayer deposition models: similarity profiles and convergence rates
  • Michael Grinfeld, (University of Strathclyde), Title: Submonolayer deposition models with limited fragmentation
  • Lyndsay Kerr (University of Strathclyde), Title: The Discrete Coagulation-Fragmentation System

5. Stochastic and Statistics
  • José L. da Silva, (University of Madeira) Title: Form Factors for Generalized Grey Brownian Motion
  • Rafael Luís (University of Madeira) Title: Local Stability in 3D Discrete Dynamical Systems: Application to population models

6. Liquid-crystals
  • Michael Grinfeld, (University of Strathclyde), Title: Minimality conditions for the travelling wave speed for an anisotropic smectic C^* liquid crystal