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  abstract    = {In our mini-review, we address manifestations of $T/B$ scaling behavior of heavy-fermion (HF) compounds, where $T$ and $B$ are respectively temperature and magnetic field. Using experimental data and the fermion condensation theory, we show that this scaling behavior is typical of HF compounds including HF metals, quasicrystals, and quantum spin liquids. We demonstrate that such scaling behavior holds down to the lowest temperature and field values, so that $T/B$ varies in a wide range, provided the HF compound is located near the topological fermion condensation quantum phase transition (FCQPT). Due to the topological properties of FCQPT, the effective mass $M^*$ exhibits a universal behavior, and diverges as $T$ goes to zero. Such a behavior of $M^*$ has important technological applications. We also explain how to extract the universal scaling behavior from experimental data collected on different heavy-fermion compounds. As an example, we consider the HF metal $\rm YbCo_2Ge_4$, and show that its scaling behavior is violated at low temperatures. Our results obtained show good agreement with experimental facts.},
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