Bibtex entry: Antenna pattern control of planar arrays for long distance communications in ccm.bib
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  Abstract                 = {As an alternative to standard antennas and due to the advent of low-cost digital processors and materials, adaptive antenna arrays are increasingly considered for applications in long distance communications. The pattern beam control potentialities provide the performance improvement of the communication systems. In this context, this work presents a technique that permits to synthesize the antenna pattern of a planar array. Considering that the relationship between the array factor and the array excitations for the far field region is a Fourier transform in the appropriate variables, the non-uniform sampling procedure is extended for planar arrays. These arrays permit a further control of the antenna pattern since two dimensions of space are used. The technique considers a number of array factor points equal to the array size, which is used to impose appropriated values in the antenna pattern. The produced array factor passes through those points with the desired values, which allows the synthesis of antenna patterns with appropriated characteristics. The theory is presented in order to develop the necessary direct expressions to calculate the array excitation. The array factor can be obtained using the inverse Fourier transform. As application examples, with this technique it is possible to define the level of each sidelobe of the antenna pattern, to control the main beam and to impose nulls in prescribed directions of the pattern. (C) 2008 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.},
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